Kittens are vulnerable to stress. From stress related situations like isolation, cold, loudness, and other aggressive animals. Stress can weaken their immune system and cause illness or even death.


If you are not often at home to spend time with your kitten or you are away from home all day, a second kitten or another pet or human companion would be ideal to keep your existing kitten company. These kittens are raised with love and care surrounded by the whole family and would love to be part of the family in every way.


We recommend keeping your kitten safe and secure indoors. However, if you would like to bring your kitten to go outdoors, make sure equipped them with proper cat harness and frequently apply with flea / tick / lice / mites treatments.


Love your baby and make sure they are warm, healthy, happy and have access to quality food & fresh water at all times.


This section presents our suggested recommendation of items for your new British Shorthair or Scottish Fold Kitten or Cat (Note: this is only our suggestion based on our experience, you might not need everything here and feel free to tweak the item list subject to your preference of choice with the items that are not in the list).


Our experience onto purchasing cat items are to buy good quality items. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us. ‘Google’ search is very handy when looking for good item reviews with good price comparison; in these days online shops may have good deals from time to time.


These following items suggested for new owners to prepare for the kitty (click button to open page):