There are many types of water & food bowls available, generally the material consists of stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and plastic.


Any good quality bowl can be used for food and water bowls for your cats. Just make sure it is periodically clean before using. If you are feeding wet foods, make sure to wash the bowl after each serving.


Getting a pet drinking fountain is a good investment for your cats. I highly recommend getting a water fountain for your kitties because the flowing water encourages the cats to drink water.

Catit PIXI Fountain


Catit PIXI Fountain is a filtered water bowl fountain . You don’t have to change the water daily or go through filters as it will automatically clean itself. All you have to do is wash the fountain and change the water weekly.


The pump is equipped with a sensor that detects when the water level is too low. At that point, the fountain will shut down automatically, to prevent the pump from running dry. PIXIs nose will also flash red when the water level inside of the reservoir is too low.

Shown here are the Catit Pixi water fountain, it is available in 4 different cute looking colours.

PetSafe Drinkwell


This is Drinking Fountain from Pet Safe. It has multiple variations to suit for multiple pet households. Some of the fountain have adjustable water flow to perfectly accommodate the needs of your cat.

The above cat water fountains are: (1) PetSafe Drinkwell Adjustable 360 Stainless, (2) Ceramic Avalon Fountain, (3) Ceramic Pagoda Fountain.


Getting an automatic cat feeder is a fantastic investment for busy cat owners. I highly recommend getting automatic cat feeders because it is hassle free, an ideal for on the go owners. The feed time can be programmable, and the main reason is it gives you peace of mind knowing your pets will be fed right on time.

Catit PIXI Smart Feeder


Catit PIXI Smart Feeder is a cute looking smart feeder. You can customise your cat’s daily feeding with the Catit app, and it provide push notifications to get notified as each meal is served and also let you know when it’s time to add more food to the reservoir.

Shown here is the Catit PIXI Smart Feeder, how the inside looks like and the app notifications.

PetSafe Automatic Feeder


There are 2 types of PetSafe feeder. One is Simple Feed, where you push the buttons on the unit to set the feeding amount and the schedules. Another is Smart Feed, this uses the Pet Safe App to program the feeding amount and the schedules.

This item is PetSafe Simple Feed.

This item is PetSafe Smart Feed.

With so many types of cat water fountain and feeder available, before purchasing any of it, you will need to do some research and decide based on the criteria such as safety, ergonomic, durability, affordability, how much the feeding volume, how long the feeding schedule last, user friendly / cat friendly. The main thing is down to what suits the cat owner and their cat.


We have used many types of cat water fountain and cat feeder, many of it are not shown here. Based on our experience, the two brands which we recommend are Catit and PetSafe, both manufacturers are good reputable company for pet products.