Cat toys can make kitties and cats fully entertained, play time is fun time for cat and cat owner. This is great to develop and stimulate your cat’s health and to make sure they are active and happy. Cat toys can keep cat’s senses sharp because the toys encourages a lot of jumping and pouncing action.


Different cat toys may have different function, from our experience not all our cats play all the toys we bought. Some cats have their absolutely favourites toys (will keep playing and won’t let go), with some other cat toys our cats have absolutely no interest to play with it. So, you need to understand your cat’s play patterns and by trial and error to see what toys sparks your cat’s interest to play.


Also, note that our cats also love to play with home made toys, so whatever creative idea’s you can make out of a cat toy, you can spark your cat’s interest to play!

Shown here are examples of cat toys.