Here are our previous litters that are now graduated and living happily with their lovely and caring family.

DOB 02/01/2024

01 (Pink)      Girl Red Shaded Longhair

02 (Blue)      Boy Red Shaded Longhair

03 (Green)   Boy Red Spotted Longhair

04 (Orange) Girl Red Spotted Shorthair

05 (White)   Boy Red Shaded Shorthair

06 (Black)     Boy Red Shaded Shorthair

07 (Yellow)   Boy Red Shaded Shorthair

DOB 23/11/2023

01 Boy Black Golden Tabby Shorthair

02 Girl Lilac Golden Shaded

DOB 01/10/2023

01 Girl Black Gold Shaded Tabby Shorthair

02 Girl Red Shaded Longhair

03 Boy Red Shaded Shorthair

DOB 03/02/2023

01 Folded Girl Ginger Shaded

02 Folded Girl Ginger Tabby

03 Straight Girl Ginger Tabby

DOB 20/11/2022

01 Folded Boy Black Gold Shaded

02 Folded Girl Black Gold Shaded

DOB 14/11/2022

01 Folded Boy Shaded Kitty

DOB 28/10/2022

01 Folded Boy Shaded Kitty

02 Staright Boy Shaded Kitty

03 Straight Boy Shaded Kitty

04 Straight Girl Tabby Kitty

DOB 15/10/2022

01 Folded Boy Tabby Kitty

02 Folded Boy Tabby Kitty

03 Straight Boy Tabby Kitty

04 Straight Boy Tabby Kitty

05 Straight Girl Shaded Kitty

DOB 26/04/2022

01 Tabby Folded Boy Kitty

02 Tabby Folded Boy Kitty

03 Shaded Folded Girl Kitty

04 Shaded Straight Boy Kitty

DOB 26/03/2022

01 Fold Shaded Boy Kitty

02 Fold Torbie Girl Kitty

03 Straight Shaded Boy Kitty

04 Straight Tabby Boy Kitty

DOB 09/11/2021

01 Tabby Boy (Straight Ears)

02 Shaded Girl (Straight Ears)

DOB 26/10/2021

01 Tabby Boy (Folded Ears)

02 Tabby Girl (Straight Ears)

03 Shaded Boy (Straight Ears)

DOB 19/04/2021


01 White Ribbon (Folded Ears)

02 Orange Ribbon (Straight Ears)

03 Purple Ribbon (Straight Ears)

04 Green Ribbon (Straight Ears)


01 Pink Ribbon (Folded Ears)

02 Brown Ribbon (Folded Ears)

03 Yellow Ribbon (Folded Ears)

04 Black Ribbon (Folded Ears)

05 Red Ribbon (Straight Ears)

DOB 04/12/2020

(Ribbon Colour)

Red: Scottish Fold, Tabby

Blue: Scottish Fold, Shaded

Pink: Scottish Fold, Tabby

Orange: British Shorthair, Tabby

DOB 07/06/2020

(Ribbon Colour)

Green: British Shorthair, Shaded

Pink: British Shorthair, Shaded

Red: British Shorthair, Shaded

Yellow: British Shorthair, Shaded

Dark Yellow: British Longhair, Shaded, Mitted

DOB 23/01/2020

(Ribbon Colour)

Blue: Scottish Fold Longhair, Shaded

Pink: Scottish Fold Longhair, Shaded

Red: Scottish Fold, Shaded

Yellow: Scottish Fold, Shaded

Orange: Scottish Fold, Shaded

DOB 13/08/2019

(Ribbon Colour)

Green: Scottish Fold, Tabby

Blue: Scottish Fold, Shaded

Red: British Shorthair, Tabby

Pink: British Shorthair, Tabby

Yellow: British Shorthair, Shaded

DOB 14/03/2019

(Ribbon Colour)

Pink: Scottish Fold, Shaded

Yellow: British Shorthair, Shaded

Red: Scottish Fold, Tabby

Blue: British Shorthair, Tabby

Green: British Shorthair, Shaded