This section shows the cat grooming, cat cleaning, and house cleaning items that we use for our cats.


Catit Grooming Kit


There are 2 types of Catit Grooming Kit: Longhair Grooming Kit and Shorthair Grooming Kit. Both have different tools to groom the cats. The tools mainly consist of brushes, comb, and nail trimmer. The tools are stored in a cute looking plastic enclosure, so it won’t damage the items inside.

Shown here is the Catit Longhair Grooming Kit.

Grooming Brush


This is DakPets Tool & Pet Grooming Brush, it is made out of stainless-steel rust-resistant material. We have use this to brush our cats regularly. This brush quickly and easily works out knots and removes hair to reduce shedding.

Shown here is the DakPets Tool & Pet Grooming Brush.

This is CeleMoon Silicone Cat Grooming Shedding Massage / Bath Brush, it is made out of silicone material so it can’t really scratch your cat’s skin. It sheds hair from cat and also massage the cat.

This item is CeleMoon Ultra-Soft Silicone Washable Cat Grooming Shedding Massage / Bath Brush.

Grooming Mitt


This is 2-in-1 Pet Glove Grooming Tool/Pet Hair Remover Mitt. You wear this on your hand and then give your cat a good gentle massage, this removes loose pet hair and dirt and detangle the matted hair.

This item is 2-in-1 Pet Glove Grooming Tool/Pet Hair Remover Mitt.


Dry Shampoo


From our experience most of our cats does not like shower, if our cats are not too dirty, we use dry shampoo to clean our fluffy babies. Generally, cats are clean feline and they self-groom to clean themself, we only use dry shampoo when our cats somewhat look dirty. The items below are the dry shampoo we use (only use one of it to clean your cat at a time and not all at once).

The items shown here are: (1) TropiClean Deep Cleaning Waterless Shampoo for Cats, (2) Dry Clean Spray Blueberry Muffin, (3) Vet’s Best Natural Waterless Cat Bath.

Wet Shampoo


When our cats have messed up really bad and shows up dirty and stinky, no matter how our cat try to clean, and the dirt is still on their body or fur. This comes a time for deep shower cleaning. If you are blessed with cat who likes shower this will be easier, if not there will be lots of actions during shower time. The items below are the wet shampoo we use (only use one of it to clean your cat at a time and not all at once).

The items shown here are: (1) Animology Feline Great Cat Shampoo, (2) TropiClean Shampoo for Pets, (3) Mikki Cat and Kitten Shampoo.


Pet Hair Remover Brush


This is Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer. The edge of this tool is like a soft rubber like material, when brush against a textile surface full of loose stubborn cat furs, it will pile up the loose furs together easily ready for dispose of. We really like this item because we use it regularly to remove cat furs on our cloths, (we tried many other products before but did not work well compared to this) and using this item really helps collect loose fur quickly.

Shown here is the Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer.

This is Gogooda Pet Hair Remover Brush. Very similar to the item above, with a few differences such as the rubber like material is slightly harder and it have zigzag rubber edge. We use it mainly for collecting cat fur at larger area such as cat trees and carpet.

Shown here is the Gogooda Pet Hair Remover Brush.

HEPA Filter Air Purifier


This is Pro Breeze Ultra-Powerful Air Purifier. The description of this item: 5-in-1 Air Purification and captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles, dust, pollen, smoke, odours, mould and pet dander with a Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, Cold Catalyst and Activate Carbon Filters.


We use this mainly to suck the surrounding floating cat furs into the HEPA filter air purifier so our room will have less floating cat furs.

Shown here is the Pro Breeze Ultra-Powerful Air Purifier for Home (Large Rooms).


There are many items listed here that you may or may not need, there are also many items that we have not tried before with our cat and we will keep learning as we experience it. The main point is to show you the items we have use and if it can help you and your cat have a quality lifestyle at your home.