Cat toys can make kitties and cats fully entertained, play time is fun time for cat and cat owner. This is great to develop and stimulate your cat’s health and to make sure they are active and happy. Cat toys can keep cat’s senses sharp because the toys encourages a lot of jumping and pouncing action.


Different cat toys may have different function, from our experience not all our cats play all the toys we bought. Some cats have their absolutely favourites toys (will keep playing and won’t let go), with some other cat toys our cats have absolutely no interest to play with it. So, you need to understand your cat’s play patterns and by trial and error to see what toys sparks your cat’s interest to play.


Also, note that our cats also love to play with home made toys, so whatever creative idea’s you can make out of a cat toy, you can spark your cat’s interest to play!

Shown here are examples of cat toys.


There are plentiful of scratch post, cat tree and cat house available in the market. It is down to cat owner’s creativity to get it and accustomed their kitty with it, just remember this will define as their living active place. The comfier the kitty are, the happier they are with the cat owner.


New cat owners may not need many of the ones we have shown here, you can get any of the good ones by researching and looking at the reviews to suit you and your kitties.


Scratch post can be a good training for kitties to scratch their nails with. Most of the scratch post available in market generally are small-ish size about knee length height, since it is small it can be good to place it at tight places like under the table or corner of the sofa.


Based on our experience, life expectancy for scratch post is short as our cat use it like gym work so after a while it is wearing off. Our cats are quite active, unless you have a calm cat then it may last longer.

Shown here are the many variations of scratch post.


Cat tree or cat tower is a good investment. We usually get big cat tree because it comes with comfy box enclosures, multi-storey platform, scratch post, hammock, and toys. It is cat’s nature is to explore, nap, and jump around so for us getting cat tree is great. Make sure to read reviews before buying so at least you done your research to get a safe and stable cat tree.

Shown here are the example cat trees or cat towers.


Cat house or cat cave comes in many sizes, typically it is small in size and suitably good size to fit one cat. Some cat houses are multi storey type which can suit multiple cats. Cats like to curl up in the cat house to rest. Our cats like to go in cat houses and lay their head on the cat house front openings and look at us with their big shiny eyes (which looks like ticket seller cashier).

Shown here are the many types of cat houses.


This section shows the litter box, litter sand, and litter scoop that we previously and currently use for our cat.


Catit Litter Box


There are 2 types of Catit litter box that we have. One is Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan, another is Catit Smartsift No Scoop Litter System.


Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan require you to manually scoop the cat waste and refill the litter sand. The Smartsift allows you to use the handle beside the litter box to roll the inner tray without using scoop to sift the cat waste, but you still require to add the litter sand manually.


Space wise, we really like our Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan because it is big enough for big adult cat (we are still using ours for many years since 2015). For the Catit Smartsift, it is quite squeezy for big cats, when we first use the Smartsift our kittens are still small and after 2 years our cats has grown in size and don’t feel comfy in it because our cats can’t fit in well to do their business.

Shown here are the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan Grey and White Tiger Design.

Shown here is the Catit Smartsift No Scoop Litter System.

Litter-Robot 3


This is Litter-Robot 3. There are 2 types: one is Litter-Robot 3 and another is Litter-Robot 3 Connect (Connect version provides connectivity via Wi-Fi to its App).


Litter-Robot 3 is an automated cat litterbox. This litterbox which can be quite costly in terms of its price tag, it works by emptying the litter box automatically each time after the cat finishes their business.


You need to use fine clumping litter sand for this litter box. Most of the hard stool and cat pee will be cleared properly once the waste is clumped, the challenge is wet stool where sometimes it can’t clump properly and needed to clean it manually.

Shown here is the Litter-Robot 3.

Shown here is the Litter-Robot 3 Connect.

Petkit Pura Max


This is Petkit Pura Max (our latest purchase at the time of writing). This litterbox which can be quite costly in terms of its price tag, but for what’s it worth, it delivers the result by emptying the litter box automatically each time after the cat finishes their business.


We like it because it is really quiet and fast, and we can use the Petkit app to monitor the status of my cats that use the litterbox. It is easier to clean compared with Litter Robot 3.

Shown here is the Petkit Pura Max.


There are many variations of cat litter sand. There are many other good brands, below are the cat litter sand we use. Feel free to try out and find out what suits you.

Shown here are: (1) Amazon Brand Lifelong Corn Cat Litter, (2) Catsan Clumping and (3) Catsan Non-clumping.


It’s best to get 2 types of Litter scoop: one is with holes and one without. There are plenty of scoops available in the market so cat owners can choose with all kinds of designs. Most of the scoops are made with plastic material, base on our experience sometimes plastic scoops do break so I suggest getting a metal scoop with holes which last forever (the ones we have is made with aluminium with non-stick coating).


For the scoop without holes, this is mainly to refill the litter sand. I still use my plastic scoop for this as I don’t use much force and it’s just for refilling litter sand.

Shown here are the scoops with holes.

Shown here are the scoops without holes.


There are many types of water & food bowls available, generally the material consists of stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and plastic.


Any good quality bowl can be used for food and water bowls for your cats. Just make sure it is periodically clean before using. If you are feeding wet foods, make sure to wash the bowl after each serving.


Getting a pet drinking fountain is a good investment for your cats. I highly recommend getting a water fountain for your kitties because the flowing water encourages the cats to drink water.

Catit PIXI Fountain


Catit PIXI Fountain is a filtered water bowl fountain . You don’t have to change the water daily or go through filters as it will automatically clean itself. All you have to do is wash the fountain and change the water weekly.


The pump is equipped with a sensor that detects when the water level is too low. At that point, the fountain will shut down automatically, to prevent the pump from running dry. PIXIs nose will also flash red when the water level inside of the reservoir is too low.

Shown here are the Catit Pixi water fountain, it is available in 4 different cute looking colours.

PetSafe Drinkwell


This is Drinking Fountain from Pet Safe. It has multiple variations to suit for multiple pet households. Some of the fountain have adjustable water flow to perfectly accommodate the needs of your cat.

The above cat water fountains are: (1) PetSafe Drinkwell Adjustable 360 Stainless, (2) Ceramic Avalon Fountain, (3) Ceramic Pagoda Fountain.


Getting an automatic cat feeder is a fantastic investment for busy cat owners. I highly recommend getting automatic cat feeders because it is hassle free, an ideal for on the go owners. The feed time can be programmable, and the main reason is it gives you peace of mind knowing your pets will be fed right on time.

Catit PIXI Smart Feeder


Catit PIXI Smart Feeder is a cute looking smart feeder. You can customise your cat’s daily feeding with the Catit app, and it provide push notifications to get notified as each meal is served and also let you know when it’s time to add more food to the reservoir.

Shown here is the Catit PIXI Smart Feeder, how the inside looks like and the app notifications.

PetSafe Automatic Feeder


There are 2 types of PetSafe feeder. One is Simple Feed, where you push the buttons on the unit to set the feeding amount and the schedules. Another is Smart Feed, this uses the Pet Safe App to program the feeding amount and the schedules.

This item is PetSafe Simple Feed.

This item is PetSafe Smart Feed.

With so many types of cat water fountain and feeder available, before purchasing any of it, you will need to do some research and decide based on the criteria such as safety, ergonomic, durability, affordability, how much the feeding volume, how long the feeding schedule last, user friendly / cat friendly. The main thing is down to what suits the cat owner and their cat.


We have used many types of cat water fountain and cat feeder, many of it are not shown here. Based on our experience, the two brands which we recommend are Catit and PetSafe, both manufacturers are good reputable company for pet products.


This section presents our recommendation of kitten food brands that we feed our kittens with. We feed our kittens the dry food brand as shown below and recommend continuing to do so until they reach 1 year of age, unless otherwise directed from your veterinarian. From time to time we swap and change the kitten dry food brand so that our kitty can get use of the different kibble.

Royal Canin


Lily’s Kitchen


Shown below are our recommendation of wet kitten food brands that we feed our kittens with. From time to time we swap and change the kitten dry food brand so that our kitty can get use of the different wet food. The wet food can come in variation of pouch, can, or tray.

Royal Canin

Hill’s Science Plan

Lily’s Kitchen


Below are the dry cat food brands we feed to our cats. From time to time, we mix the kibbles to make sure our cats gets the best nutritions needed.

Royal Canin British Shorthair

Royal Canin Persian

Royal Canin Oral Care

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken

Lily’s Kitchen Fish



Below are the wet cat food brands we feed to our cats. Depending on our cat, we feed the wet food either once or twice a day or sometimes two days once. There are many variations of wet food available to spoil our cats but listed below are our cat’s favourite choices of wet foods. (Sometimes we feed brands that not listed here)

Lily’s Kitchen Hunter’s Hotpot

Lily’s Kitchen Lamb Casserole

Lily’s Kitchen Poultry Pie

Lily’s Kitchen Catch of the Day

Lily’s Kitchen Classic Chicken Dinner


Below are the adult raw meat cat foods we feed to our cats. We choose this brand ‘purrform’ because it is UK based and freshly delivered. New Pet Owners can get a 10% discount off purrform 450g tubs by asking us and providing your email address.

Purrform Lamb Trim with Heart

Purrform Chicken meat & Ground Bone

Purrform Farmed Rabbit & Bone with Ox Heart

Purrform Quail & Farmed Rabbit

Purrform Turkey & Ground Bone

Purrform Venison Chunks


Below are the kitten raw meat foods we feed to our kittens. We choose this brand ‘purrform’ because it is UK based and freshly delivered. New Pet Owners can get a 10% discount off purrform 450g tubs by asking us and providing your email address.

Purrform Kitten Farmed Rabbit & Ground Bone

Purrform Kitten Chicken with ground bone,

Purrform Kittens Farmed Rabbit & ground bone


Dry and wet cat food each have their benefits. You can adjust based on your observation of the cat/kitten. As long as the cat food you choose completes their nutritional intake, either option will provide all the essential nutrients they need. Some times we provide a mixed feeding which is the combination of dry and wet food diet.


Try to make the dietary changes gradually. If there is a sudden changes to the diet, it can cause the tummy upsets to the cat/kitten. So, if you are either changing to a diferent recipe or changing to a new food, do so gradually.


When planning for travel, cat carrier should be included in your cat travel checklist. It could be journey to the veterinarian, short a walk in a park, visiting family, moving to a new house, or going oversea vacation.


Getting a cat carrier for your cat is a valuable investment this is because a good carrier can provide safe secure space and comfort for your cat so the they will not feel anxious about traveling; this can also reduce the cat’s mental stress.


It is not recommended to use DIY cat carrier, for example: paper cardboard box, tote bag, laundry basket. This is because cat can be injured or escape when moving around.


Soft-Sided Carriers

Soft carriers are made with sturdy yet flexible materials such as polyester, nylon and microfiber.


Pro: Lightweight and easy to carry, used for cats that are good calm travellers, easy to keep when it’s not in use.


Cons: Not as sturdy or supportive as hard plastic carriers, it’s possible for cats to tear out the nylon mesh when nervous, zip can damage cat nail.

Shown here is the Soft-Sided Carriers. Front opening doors and sideway zip opening that can flat packed when keeping. One picture shows with our kittens playing in it. One picture shows the doors are zipped up and closed with the kitty waving hello in the carrier.

Hard-Sided Carriers

Hard carriers typically are very sturdy and durable, it is made of plastic.


Pro: Strong and durable that provides a sturdy space, more room for the cat to turn around and stretch, most allow for the top to be taken off, steel mesh door which is much stronger than plastic mesh, easier to clean.


Cons: Mostly does not come with padding, they are bulkier, can take up storage space when it’s not in use.

Shown here is the Plastic Carrier with metal mesh door. It has front opening door, it can be dissembled and reassembled by unfasten or fasten the side locks. The pictures show the kittens sitting inside it comfortably.

Shown here is an IATA compliant travel crates, that can be used to travel by plane. Similar design as above but made with higher design standards. The pictures show the metal mesh door slightly open and another showing our adult cat sitting comfortably in it.

Cat Strollers and Backpacks

Cat stroller or backpack are a unique and interesting way to bring around your cat.


Pro: Stroller made it easier to move around without carry any weight, backpacks allows weight distributed properly, more freedom of movement, most of it provides ample padding, some provides extra accessories and extra pockets.


Cons: Can be more stressful for cats if it’s not comfortable, it can be less sturdy hence doesn’t provide the same amount of protection, some backpack carrier can force cat into an uncomfortable position.

Shown here is the Cat Backpack that we have. Front and top opening doors. One picture shows our kitten sitting happily in it, another picture shows our kittens playing around it.

This is another Cat Backpack that we have. It is similar to ones above but slightly smaller. Front and top opening doors. One of the picture shows our kitten chilling in it.

We did not have a cat stroller but plan to buy one in the future. We will update here once we have it.


With so many options, how to know which cat carriers is for you?


Finding a suitable cat carrier for your fluffy friend can feel overwhelming, so consideration for a cat carrier can be based on your criteria of:

Safety – Can the carrier keep the cat in without injuring itself?

Comfort – Is it enough space? Any extra padding for the cat to rest?

Durability – Is the carrier holding itself up and the walls are not falling?

Affordability – Is the price within budget or is the cost is out of proportion?


Mindful Questions:

* Should it be soft-sided or hard-sided?

* How many doors? Opening from top? front? Side?

* What’s the suitable cat carrier for difficult cats?

* Just a basic cat carrier or fancy type carrier?



Good to know: Cats likes small spaces; sometimes larger carrier may not be necessary. Smaller carrier can make the cat feel cosy and secure. General rule of thumb is the cat carrier should be 1.5 times of the cat size.


This section shows the cat grooming, cat cleaning, and house cleaning items that we use for our cats.


Catit Grooming Kit


There are 2 types of Catit Grooming Kit: Longhair Grooming Kit and Shorthair Grooming Kit. Both have different tools to groom the cats. The tools mainly consist of brushes, comb, and nail trimmer. The tools are stored in a cute looking plastic enclosure, so it won’t damage the items inside.

Shown here is the Catit Longhair Grooming Kit.

Grooming Brush


This is DakPets Tool & Pet Grooming Brush, it is made out of stainless-steel rust-resistant material. We have use this to brush our cats regularly. This brush quickly and easily works out knots and removes hair to reduce shedding.

Shown here is the DakPets Tool & Pet Grooming Brush.

This is CeleMoon Silicone Cat Grooming Shedding Massage / Bath Brush, it is made out of silicone material so it can’t really scratch your cat’s skin. It sheds hair from cat and also massage the cat.

This item is CeleMoon Ultra-Soft Silicone Washable Cat Grooming Shedding Massage / Bath Brush.

Grooming Mitt


This is 2-in-1 Pet Glove Grooming Tool/Pet Hair Remover Mitt. You wear this on your hand and then give your cat a good gentle massage, this removes loose pet hair and dirt and detangle the matted hair.

This item is 2-in-1 Pet Glove Grooming Tool/Pet Hair Remover Mitt.


Dry Shampoo


From our experience most of our cats does not like shower, if our cats are not too dirty, we use dry shampoo to clean our fluffy babies. Generally, cats are clean feline and they self-groom to clean themself, we only use dry shampoo when our cats somewhat look dirty. The items below are the dry shampoo we use (only use one of it to clean your cat at a time and not all at once).

The items shown here are: (1) TropiClean Deep Cleaning Waterless Shampoo for Cats, (2) Dry Clean Spray Blueberry Muffin, (3) Vet’s Best Natural Waterless Cat Bath.

Wet Shampoo


When our cats have messed up really bad and shows up dirty and stinky, no matter how our cat try to clean, and the dirt is still on their body or fur. This comes a time for deep shower cleaning. If you are blessed with cat who likes shower this will be easier, if not there will be lots of actions during shower time. The items below are the wet shampoo we use (only use one of it to clean your cat at a time and not all at once).

The items shown here are: (1) Animology Feline Great Cat Shampoo, (2) TropiClean Shampoo for Pets, (3) Mikki Cat and Kitten Shampoo.


Pet Hair Remover Brush


This is Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer. The edge of this tool is like a soft rubber like material, when brush against a textile surface full of loose stubborn cat furs, it will pile up the loose furs together easily ready for dispose of. We really like this item because we use it regularly to remove cat furs on our cloths, (we tried many other products before but did not work well compared to this) and using this item really helps collect loose fur quickly.

Shown here is the Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer.

This is Gogooda Pet Hair Remover Brush. Very similar to the item above, with a few differences such as the rubber like material is slightly harder and it have zigzag rubber edge. We use it mainly for collecting cat fur at larger area such as cat trees and carpet.

Shown here is the Gogooda Pet Hair Remover Brush.

HEPA Filter Air Purifier


This is Pro Breeze Ultra-Powerful Air Purifier. The description of this item: 5-in-1 Air Purification and captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles, dust, pollen, smoke, odours, mould and pet dander with a Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, Cold Catalyst and Activate Carbon Filters.


We use this mainly to suck the surrounding floating cat furs into the HEPA filter air purifier so our room will have less floating cat furs.

Shown here is the Pro Breeze Ultra-Powerful Air Purifier for Home (Large Rooms).


There are many items listed here that you may or may not need, there are also many items that we have not tried before with our cat and we will keep learning as we experience it. The main point is to show you the items we have use and if it can help you and your cat have a quality lifestyle at your home.